Monday, June 11, 2007

SBS2003 Service Pack 2 and WSUS 3

Well I wish I had read Susan's "Before you install Service Pack 2 guide" first. Fortunately nothing major went wrong.

2 weekends ago I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my SBS2003 server to service pack 2. In case you were unaware, there was a fair amount of angst about this service pack within the SBS community. Susan had written numerous articles, and I had decided not to upgrade until this kerfuffle had died down.
Anyway I backed up the server first, and read through pages and pages of how to's and install notes before finally just going what the heck and doing it. As it happened, the server behaved itself perfectly. I thought I was home free!

Well nearly.

I had one PC that refused to connect immediately, but eventually I fixed its network card drivers and got it back on the network. I have had 1 other PC that also struggles to connect and 3 PC's that will only connect at 100mbs even thought they have 1GB cards and are on a 1GB switch. Very annoying. However in the light of what could have gone wrong not too bad a result. And I WILL fix them ... eventually!

I decided to go for broke and installed WSUS 3 immediately afterward. Surprisingly this also worked smoothly. My SBS box just loved it. Over the next few days as PC's reported in I got heaps of updates sorted for PS that had refused to download updates from the old WSUS 2 server. I don't have all my pcs with absolutely perfect update health yet, but I'm almost there. At the time of writing I have 2 pcs looking for 1 patch. Should be able to get that sorted soon!

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Susan also has written a short post about installing the SQL server 2005 SP2

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