Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Offline Google Reader, Tweak XP, Adobe Patches

Google Reader goes offline with Google Gears and other RIA

"Google Gears is a new service the idea behind is to be able to have desktop functionality and/or to be able to use web-based services when you are not online.Sometimes it also refers to accessing web-based services when you are online, but without having to use the traditional browser, my favourite for a long time has been the Google deskbar (now only available with the Google Desktop)"

Total Idea
Download what you were missing with Windows!

"Check out OutSource-XP, our backup solution for Microsoft Outlook, or OutNote, our unique software to attach sticky notes to Outlook emails and contacts. If your want to tune your Windows XP, Tweak-XP Pro is what you need. For a free optimization software for Firefox, download our freeware FireTune. Or just download the world's first software to combine optimization and tweaking for Windows Vista: TweakVI."

Adobe Acrobat 8.1 for Office 2007 and Windows Vista
Adobe has released Acrobat 8 patch compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 programs and Windows Vista. Other than the new PDFmaker add-on for Office 2007, the second most exciting feature is the PDF Preview Handler - you can now view PDF files in Office Outlook 2007 as well as in Windows Explorer on Windows Vista without starting Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
Amit Agarwal

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