Friday, August 04, 2006

Bizarre and Unusual Web Links

Todays post is a listing of some the unusual and bizarre stuff I have bookmarked recently from J-Walk and Reality-Me. Both John and Doug can be relied on to find the absolutely off the wall stuff that makes the itnerent a fun place to be!
Incidentally this is made easy by the RSS reader I am using currently, the Google Reader. Any items I want to come back to I simply click the star - similar to in Gmail.

So without further ado:

From Reality-MeSome developers have too much time on their hands. Despite initial appearances, this is work safe.
Now Amanda is unboomed we have to watch Ze Frank (uses adult language)

From J-Walk
Show your kids what it was like back in the old days. Download some MP3s and burn 'em on a CD for your offspring: Kiddie Records Weekly.
Macro Insect Photography Olaf Wolfram's Digital Makrogalarie.
More macro insects by Igor Siwanowicz.
This has been making the rounds: Cursor Kite. This is excellent! Take the time to study the pictures and work out who is flying the kites
This is one link in a monitor chain. I must remember to post my dual monitors in the chain!
In North Carolina: Field of the Wood Bible Park.
One I have been watching and commenting on in here for some time now, the RIAA law suits.
Interesting: RIAA Will Drop Cases If You Point Out That An IP Address Isn't A Person.

If you want to win a lawsuit from the RIAA, you're best off opening up your WiFi network to neighbors. It seems like this strategy might actually be working. Earlier this month the inability to prove who actually did the file sharing caused the RIAA to drop a case in Oklahoma and now it looks like the same defense has worked in a California case as well. In both cases, though, as soon as the RIAA realized the person was using this defense, they dropped the case, rather than lose it and set a precedent showing they really don't have the unequivocal evidence they claim they do.