Thursday, June 15, 2006

Picasa Web Albums

Today, I received an email fro Google - about Picasa.

We're excited to announce that we've begun testing a new feature for Picasa called "Picasa Web Albums."

Picasa Web Albums is designed to help Picasa users quickly and easily upload their photos to the web and share those photos with family and friends. Picasa Web Albums is intended for use with a new version of Picasa that has a "Web Album" button and includes web uploading and downloading capabilities.

As part of our test, we are offering Picasa Web Albums and the latest version of the Picasa software by invitation only. If you'd like to give Picasa Web Albums a try, please add your Gmail username to our first come, first serve invitation list at:

Once you receive your invitation, you can create a Picasa Web Albums account, and then download the new version of Picasa. This version of Picasa is not currently available for download from the Picasa site.

For more information on Picasa Web Albums, please visit:

Thanks for your continued support of Picasa! We look forward to receiving user feedback on this test feature, and to making both Picasa Web Albums and the new version of Picasa more broadly available soon

Sign up and let me know what you think.