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Some news while I am waiting for other things to happen

Sometimes i get time to wait – whether its waiting for a code procedure to run, files to upload or staff to complete a task. Often its easier to wait then it is to star al alternate jhob. Sometimes I multitask but this depends on what the other task is also and whether it can be left easily to come back tot he main one. Often I write emails.

Today I am publishing some links to interesting information on the web while waiting for a staff member to debug his code that I am checking. (Thanks Nick!)

imageAmit writes two tutorials for IE8; one titled How to Write an IE8 Web Slice for WordPress Blogs and the other titled Turn your RSS Feed into a Web Slice for Internet Explorer 8

I followed the instructions and have set up a webslice for SpyJournal. You can do the same.

My friend John’s dad passed away today. John has written some memories and tributes.

Joe has posted a review of the Samsung Instinct phone – looks very nice.

Check this video out. The Geeks are Sexy site has linked a video from [H] showing a .50 cal Amour Piercing Incendiary being shot at 18 hard drives. The bullet sticks in the 17th drive.

Google chrome is the least likely browser to be hacked. I am going to switch out from Firefox on all the kids PCS straight away. I have been using Chrome since it was released and love it.

Australian TV viewers using ICETV EPG this is an important notice regarding the new Digital Channel ONE HD.

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Cool content for the week of 21 March 2009

And once again clearing my browser of all the interesting tabs I opened this week. Not many – I have been working too hard on deadlines!


IMGP7023-800 Microsoft Technologies

IE8 has been released and being rolled out. I have been using the beta and RC1 for months. Time to get the real thing now. Download IE8 now.

The Windows Experience Blog has some page load time tests for IE8 versus Firefox and Chrome.

Embed your live calendar on your website or blog. Sarah Perez posts a how to.

Sarah also posts on the instructions to setup POP3 for hotmail – now available worldwide.

Some interesting comments over at Daily Dose of Excel about the future of VBA.

Doug posts up a cool excel window minimise /maximise animation piece of VBA.



Doug shows off a portable wireless hotspot in a backpack.



The Technium posts a treatise on the concept of building a fan base of 1,000 true fans in order to generate a living. There is a follow up with some reality checks on depending on True Fans.

Live side gives us Face book comes to Windows Live Frameit Power Toy.

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OCZ Technology - Brain-computer interface

NIA - Neural Impulse Actuator.
The NIA is a brain-computer interface that can be used to control computers and play PC video games.
Such as, Unreal Tournament 3 and Counter-Strike: Source.

nia_angle The NIA is a band that sits around your head. You can use it to play computer games, rather than using a  joystick, keyboard, etc.
Sounds intriguing, yes. I’ve done a little reading about this new bit of technology, and it seems to be for real.

When, where and how much are some frequently asked questions, I’m sure.
Ryan Peterson, co-founder and CEO of OCZ Technology, told tgdaily that the suggested retail price of the NIA will be $159. “We want people to buy the thing, not to just look at it and think that they cannot afford it,” he told them. Read more about that short story at tgdaily.com.

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Motherboards - bah!

I have had all sorts of problems getting the 8GB of DDR3 RAM  to run in my new Striker II Extreme board. In fact getting the board o run at all has not been easy

ASUS_S2E It started with CPU INIT errors, and the progressed to BSOD once I got it to POST to BIOS (though couldn’t even get that to happen consistently) and then i started getting CODE INIT errors ( a code that doesn’t even exist in the manual). I gave up and took it back to the shop and they have replaced the board and are attempting to get a stably running system for me. Beyond this blokes skill level! When you read some of these forums below you will se why. So if you have come here looking for answers tot he Asus Striker 2 Extreme Motherboard CPU INIT or CODE INIT errors then read through all these forum links below.

Picture Credit AnandTech Review