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Windows Phone 7 and the HTC Mozart

I have upgraded to a Windows Phone 7 - and the handset I chose is the HTC Mozart. It is probably the slickest phone interface i have ever used - and beats the iPhone 4 on most features. It certainly is streets ahead of the old Windows Mobile 6.5 phones - my previous phone was the extremely powerful HTX TouchPro2. Its only flaw was the slow TouchFlo3d interface.


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HTC Touch Diamond

Following the mishap of my Nokia N81 (broken screen) I needed to obtain a new phone. As I had another phone that was out of contract I was able to get the new HTC Touch Diamond. This is an awesome touch screen phone. The apple iPhone is basically a poor copy of the HTC touch phones only running substandard software including the Music crippling DRM iTunes software. In reality there is no comparison. The iPhone is an iPod with htc touch diamond a phone application attached. It does the internet badly (no java or flash support) has no Bluetooth (OK it has bluetooth but you cannot use it to transfer files or data – isn’t that he point of bluetooth?), cannot MMS pictures, has a very bad battery life and you have to install and run iTunes before you can even use the phone application. The HTC Touch Diamond by contrast is first and foremost a Smartphone. That is, it is a PDA phone  running the Windows Mobile 6.1 software. Not only does it have the full phone functionality that every mobile phone should have, it combines this with the PDA capability of Mobile Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, integration with Outlook and Exchange, SMS and MMS, photos and video (using a 3.2Mega Pixel camera) has a touch screen interface including some cool scrolling applications just like the iPhone has. Data connectivity includes Bluetooth, Wifi, multi-band Phone (3G, GSM and HSDPA). GPS can be integrated easily (using an external device which is good because it doesn’t then rely on cell coverage). Possibly the only poor comparison to the iPhone is the internal storage is fixed at 4GB. The battery life is also poor, but it can be replaced unlike the iPhone!

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Huge breaking news for all Home Theatre lovers, Microsoft X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 owners, DVD movie purchasers and of course the retailers.


HD DVD is dead! Long live the Blu-Ray!

Sony and the Blu-ray High Definiton format has won the latest "VHS v Betamax" fight.

The headlines are starting to roll out in the news stories, Microsoft pulls out after Toshiba concedes race to Sony, etc. Just do a google news search for HD DVD or Blu-ray.

In our case it means we are even less likely to own a Xbox 360 as we are to buy a PS3.

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Twelve Do-It-Yourself PC projects

If you've got a few hours spare and would like to make some improvements to the PC's and the networks you use, check out these twelve tips. The 12 Great Do-It-Yourself PC Projects have everything from turning a PC into an HD media server to tweaking Vista.