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Writing for the Web - Short v Long Articles

Robin Good poses the question whether Short vs Long articles are best when writing for a web audience.

I like this statement he made:

Should your website have concise or in-depth content?

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Optimising Chitika and Google Adsense

Last week The Chitika Blog hosted an Expert Mini-Series in which 5 experts gave their favorite Chitika & Google Adsense ad placement tips. Just in time for the holiday shopping season!

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Whats up with Microsoft staff blogs?

Whats up over at Microsoft?


I just cleaned out my RSS feed reader for all the inactive feeds that were not being updated. Fortunately Google Reader is good at giving me that info.


But over half of the inactive feeds were from Microsoft staff blogs, mostly about Office products, Sharepoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Word etc. In most cases the sites had never been updated to say that the person was no longer working on that team or had stopped blogging about the product. In a couple of instances there wsa an explanation and a redirect to a team blog that was being updated.

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Test Post from Windows Live Writer

I'm playing with the Windows Live Beta toys at the moment

Specifically the Photo Gallery and the Live Writer as means of creating a richer blogging experience for myself and also for clients.

The setup was very simple and pain free. If this works ( and I think it will) then Windows Live plays nicely with Drupal.