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Champions League 2008 2nd half

CHAMPIONSLEAGUE Chelsea have stepped up. It is still 1-1, but the 2nd half had some great highlights. Drogba was the outstanding player for my money, though The backline did well also in shutting down Hargreaves and Ronaldo.

Extra time now. No substitutes yet - though I suspect that will happen soon. Scholes was replaced by Giggs late in the 2nd half. And it looks like Kalou is going to come on soon.

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Half Time Champions League Final 2008

CHAMPIONSLEAGUE The first 10 minutes were like a short passing drill or a game of futsal as Manchester United and Chelsea tentatively felt each other out in the 2008 Champions League final in Moscow. The second 10 minutes were much of the same only Manchester United had most of the ball. However the next 6 minutes Manchester upped the pressure and were rewarded by Christiano Ronaldo's first goal at the 26 minute mark. The next 18 minutes Manchester United had it all over Chelsea with it looking like there could be another goal for Man U with 2 unlucky misses and some great goal keeping being the only reason it wasn't 3 or 4 nil.

One little tiny slip at the 44th minute saw Lampard score a goal against the run of play due to a defensive slip up.

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Essendon v Geelong AFL match today

I am currently watching the Geelong v Essendon AFL match on TV. IT is being played at a frenetic pace. The comment keeps being made, "How do you shut that down?" I'm not sure what the answer is. The play on statistic is being displayed but it must be high. For those who dont follow what that means is that when a mark is made, instead of going back and kicking over the mark, the player taking the mark is either handballing immediately to another player running past him, or turning and running on himself, sometimes not even giving any respect to the player marking him. The speed with which this is being done is certainly making this a good option.
One idea I have been toying with, and it would probably take a team like Sydney Swans to pull it off is a very physical game, and possibly try and put one of these teams mentally off the idea of running on for fear of getting smashed.

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Weekend Round up

So much happened I cant write it all down but some summaries will have to do.

Football - played 2 games in the tournament - damaged my hamstring again though not badly - however will be needing some work on it. Played full forward for about 15 minutes and kicked a behind, got a tackle that went un rewarded, missed another kick and had 3 coring opportunities where the ball kicked to me didn't come straight to me and I couldn't mark it. Still hd lots of fun and the team is starting to gel. The rest of the time I played in defence and laid a lot of tackles and disposed of the ball cleanly. The coach said afterward I had clean hands. Oh and I had a contested mark inside 50 that I went back to kick, but one of our players ran into space in the pocket so I kicked to him, and his kick was touched on the line.