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LockBox Computing: 25 Free Tools To Encrypt Literally Everything

Hackers can easily figure out how to gain access to any unsecured information on your system–emails, chat sessions, phone calls, and files are all vulnerable. Obviously no one wants this is happen and in the interests of protecting your valuable information there are several free encryption tools available. Jessica has worked up a list of 25 free encryption tools for everything from instant messaging, remote access, to files. For much more on this click here.

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50 Apps to Get your Office on Open Source

Open source software has a lot to offer the business world. Not only are they generally free, many open source programs are more secure, reliable and customizable than their proprietary counterparts. Now days many of the big companies like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo run their servers with Linux rather than Windows. Christina has put together a list of 50 apps that can help your business switch to open source.

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Difficulty getting into programming mode?

If you have trouble trying to get into programming mode perhaps you should try out Doug's morning ritual:

  1. Pour a cup of coffee
  2. Read a few blogs (get it out of the way) then CLOSE the feedreader
  3. Write a blog post

  • Refill the coffee
  • Light a stick of incense
  • Get some music going
  • Wear some ear plugs (kills the white noise and seems to make me focus better)
  • Determine a milestone which will be my next break
  • Begin typing like mad.
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    Software Development Productivity

    I have been working on a project for the last week and half that has some very complex coding required. There are a number of variables, arrays and concepts I need to keep in the front of my brain as I juggle the data and the concepts around so as to create the correct code to pull the right information out into reports for the client.
    Every time I get interrupted by a phone call, the kids or something else, my immediate brain drops most of that and I end up coming back to the computer saying "now what the heck was I working on?"

    There are a bunch of articles that explain just what is happening there (and no its not old age!)

    Joel Spolsky puts it best