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Link Fest

link Here is a round up of a lot of pages I have tagged in delicious or just decided to link to because of their content but don't have time to review in depth.

Mark from Geeks are Sexy has written a very good article on writing for the web using RSS and other tools to gather information and resources. A must read for any serious blogger.

Miguel from Tip of the Day has written a long explanation of the need to Make and Maintain a Master Information Document. Use this tool to hold all passwords, settings and other vital information that your executors and survivors will need when you die.

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More Windows Home Server Goodness

There's lots of content going up on sites all over the place. I probably wont add many more on here as that is just duplication - however check my delicious Windows Home Server tag - you can subscribe to it if you want to know when I add links.

I will also add any links and information here if I install any further enhancements to the home server. However at this stage it is performing exactly how I want it, serving up videos and DVDs to our Media Centre and backing up local PCS.

Here are the links that I have tagged recently:

mHome - embedded home automation control systems - control lights, curtains etc from windows home server

Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Contest

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Windows Home Server and SBS2003


As I previously mentioned I have been installing a Windows Home Server so as to test and evaluate it. I believe it is a product that is going to be very useful to a number of our clients.

I ordered the 120 day evaluation kit from Microsoft and it arrived about 10 days after ordering.

The Kit comes with 2CDs and a DVD in a cardboard sleeve and has a full licence key enclosed.

The DVD is an installation disk, and the two CDs are the client connector disk and the restore disk.

I had read the instructions first and also done a fair amount of research online so I was prepared. The machine I planned to install it on is a Pentium 4 Dual Core with 2GB RAM and 4 250GB Hard drives. It was running Vista, and was sitting in my server room. Its main use was to hold a large amount of Games, TV and Movies - about 600GB worth.

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Lots of Links

Following a is a list of cool stuff I didn't have time to write individual posts about.

Random Web stuff

MyOpenID - If you don't know what OpenID is, think of it this way, one sign in authentication process for every website that supports it. Drupal 6 has it, Yahoo has it, lots of places have it - learn more about OpenID and get your own.

Tagurself - enter a feed link or a url and it generates a tag cloud for you.

TeamViewer - excellent remote desktop sharing software - and its free!

Microsoft SharedView - remote connection - sharing applications - great for training people how to do things remotely.