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Link dump for June 2012

2009-11-01 Photowalking 278Here are some interesting links and reviews from this weeks reading and research.

Far Cry 3 preview – reviewed by Fidget from fragdolls – I loved Far Cry 1 and 2 – cant wait for 3.

Assassin’s Creed 3 preview – reviewed by Cryptik from fragdolls – I have played and loved every Assassins Creed game so far – cant wait for this one!

Windows 8 and Metro Development – great explanation of Metro for Windows 8 by Damana.

Skydrive has now launched apps for Windows and Mac. We have tested the Windows one extensively and are now implementing it as a cloud backup strategy for small home users.

We love Photosynth. I have yet to install and play with the new Photosynth app on a Windows phone – but will try it later and let you know how it goes. There is also a Photosynth iPhone app available

Australia’s Labor government is about to start stealing money off us with a Carbon Tax – explained away by insisting that global warming is caused by human emitted CO2. The video here shows the fallacy of this “science”.

Social Media Links

Social Media use is on the rise on a massive way. Companies and businesses are still learning if and how to get involved. Here are a number of great articles.

Dion Hinchcliffe writes an excellent article titled Should companies drive their traffic to Facebook?

I wish this social media course run by Laurel Papworth was coming to Brisbane. Sydney people go and learn!

26 Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities – lots of good info here. Worth a read.

5 Reasons you should measure Social Media Return on Investment

5 Ways to tell if Pinterest is right for your business. We have started using Pinterest; watch for our boards to grow and expand as we learn more about this cool new tool.

Facebook Adds Admin Roles – a good explanation of the role settings and use.

5 Simple Metrics to Track Your Social Media Efforts

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SpyJournal All Sorts

Sort of like liquorice all-sorts – only not.

liquorice allsorts by Leo Reynolds.NowPublic can scan keywords, heres the Drupal scan page. This article should get linked on there.


I got nominated as a Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 expert. This might prompt me to write some articles here in the future about the difficulties in establishing Enterprise 2.0 ideas in small and large business. Watch this space! Thanks John for that!


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How Honey the Remote Executive Assistant changed Jacobs life

A Remote Executive Assistant, is an intelligent graduate that operates from a Knowledge centre in India that completes any work you send for them. You send instructions to your assistant at the end of your working day, these are processed when you are asleep. When you wake up you find all the work completed and in your inbox. Your assistant can handle all the back office work, spreadsheet analysis, Power Point presentations, and more. What a time saver!

There is a hilarous account of how AJ Jacobs, an editor for Esquire magazine, outsourced his life to the extreme. He even tried arguing with his wife remotely! I laughed out loud at his tale of how Honey, Asha, Sunder, Vivek and Mr. Naveen processed the tasks he assigned to them. Make sure you read the whole three pages. 

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World of Warcraft Costumes

World of Warcraft fans got really into the spirit of things at the 2007 Blizzcon event

BlizzCon 2007's costume contest was among the most interesting events.
From the impressively intricate to the strangely disturbing, fans of
Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMORPG flaunted some wild costumes

Some amazing costumes!