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Link Round Up

Time for a link dump from my browser – clearing out tabs.

2010-07-31 Strobist Shoot Toorbul 162Education

How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) – Evernote is an awesome app – We use it all the time on various android and windows platforms.

Social Marketing and Web Development

Building trust - The Connection Constant

Want to build a online store? Choosing a payment gateway

Facebook – how to convert your personal account into a Facebook Page - for all those people who created a “person” for their business page.

More how to convert Facebook profiles into business pages including tricks and traps


Configuring and adding images to Drupal 7 content with Wysiwyg, IMCE and Lightbox2 – very good tutorial


Probably the best explanation of using INDEX function for non volatile dynamic range creation in Excel

Windows 8

There will be lots coming on Windows 8 on this blog later – for now heres a very good read about how Windows 8 can pool data storage


Realities of Business is a new website by a great friend to promote his new book. Worth a read! Buy it now!


Two local photographers worth checking out.

Helen Graham

Dale Travers

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Emergency 2.0 Wiki Launch Video

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Emergency 2.0 Wiki Launch

Tonight was a red letter day for the Emergency 2.0 Wiki team as we finalised and launched the Emergency 2.0 Wiki for launch.

2011-08-23 E20 Wiki Launch 017-800The team has worked tirelessly over the last few months preparing the ground for the launch tonight, setting up the technical and social connections as well as al the other contacts with stakeholders, volunteer and emergency organisations and government agencies. We are looking for experts in the different content areas to help build the content.

  • Emergency Preparation
  • Emergency Response
  • Emergency Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Communications
  • Employee Engagement
  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Risk and Mitigation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Recordkeeping

All the details can be found in the blog post on the Emergency 2.0 Wiki blog site.

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Amazing video illustrates the power of viral marketing

Go on - I dare you to watch this video and then not share it with anybody.

Samsung will sell phones based on this ad - even if they were useless!