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Microsoft Training in Visual Studio ASP.NET 2.0

Thanks to Christian Longstaff, I have signed up for (and already completed the first of) a series of free training events that will get me 2 things - first of all more understanding of how to construct ASP.NET 2.0 web pages and forms, and second a chance to get some pretty cool gear from Microsoft.

Note this is only valid for Registered Partners in the Microsoft Partner Program. Any developer who doesn't have a tech net subscription should think seriously about becoming a partner, if not only for the Action Pack. We use tens of thousands of dollars of Microsoft software for the princely sum of AUD$700 a year.

For example we run a SBS premium server including Sharepoint and Exchange, with 10 CALs around $3000, 7 pcs running Vista and Office 2007, 3 PCs running XP Pro and Office 2003, Applications like Visual Web Studio, SQL Server and Expression Web.

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Excel Calculation Errors

Yesterday evening as I was about to go to bed one of my developers Doug, sent through a link to a forum post outlining a serious calculation error in Excel 2007.

This afternoon David Gainer, in the Excel team, posted an official response to the Excel 2007 Calculation Error.
He outlines the background to the problem, the specific issue in Excel 2007 and the solution.

It looks like it will be 10-15 days before a patch is distributed.

I will keep you all updated.