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Vista Media Center can make the best DVD library EVER!

This is my project for this weekend.

If you'd like to avoid the bother of inserting a DVD into the Player and would prefer to browse you collection very easily all on ourTV/monitor and hit "play" read on.

According to Max all you need to make the best digital library is:

1) Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (these are the versions that include the new Media Center that I am using)

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Lonely Server

Apparently the www.microsoft.com website is completely run on Windows 2008 servers now - and they are still only in Beta 3. As a result there is a funny little video about the last Win 2003 server at Microsoft. There are some funny references including a huge dig at Win Me, and the last line by the bar tender is excellent.

Check it out at http://blogs.technet.com/windowsserver/pages/about-lone-server.aspx. Watch the long version.

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Getting Live Writer to play nicely with Drupal

Getting Live Writer to play nicely with Drupal wasn't as easy as it seemed. When following the default setup all I was able to do was get the blog to connect. That meant I couldn't create other types of content (images, polls, pages etc) from Live Writer. I use the page content type for my non blog related posts, as I have family and friends etc who only want to read the personal blog entries and don't want all the technical guff I stick on here appearing in their RSS readers.

After a bit of Googling I found this comment on the Drupal website

Here are my revised instructions:

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Back up your data

Even novices know that you have to save your files so that they aren't lost and can be easily found. But what if you don't back up your files and all of a sudden your computer decides to go on strike. Windows Vista comes with a cool feature called the Backup and Restore Centre, which you'll find in the Start menu. The Backup and Restore Centre simplifies the whole process for you, with easy to follow prompts and allows you to decide whether to backup the whole computer or specific files.

It's a good idea t backup your computer when you first set it up that way if the computer ever stops completely you can potentially restore it using the initial entire computer backup.

For the rest of the time to back up the files that you use regularly follow these steps: