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Link dump for June 2012

2009-11-01 Photowalking 278Here are some interesting links and reviews from this weeks reading and research.

Far Cry 3 preview – reviewed by Fidget from fragdolls – I loved Far Cry 1 and 2 – cant wait for 3.

Assassin’s Creed 3 preview – reviewed by Cryptik from fragdolls – I have played and loved every Assassins Creed game so far – cant wait for this one!

Windows 8 and Metro Development – great explanation of Metro for Windows 8 by Damana.

Skydrive has now launched apps for Windows and Mac. We have tested the Windows one extensively and are now implementing it as a cloud backup strategy for small home users.

We love Photosynth. I have yet to install and play with the new Photosynth app on a Windows phone – but will try it later and let you know how it goes. There is also a Photosynth iPhone app available

Australia’s Labor government is about to start stealing money off us with a Carbon Tax – explained away by insisting that global warming is caused by human emitted CO2. The video here shows the fallacy of this “science”.

Social Media Links

Social Media use is on the rise on a massive way. Companies and businesses are still learning if and how to get involved. Here are a number of great articles.

Dion Hinchcliffe writes an excellent article titled Should companies drive their traffic to Facebook?

I wish this social media course run by Laurel Papworth was coming to Brisbane. Sydney people go and learn!

26 Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities – lots of good info here. Worth a read.

5 Reasons you should measure Social Media Return on Investment

5 Ways to tell if Pinterest is right for your business. We have started using Pinterest; watch for our boards to grow and expand as we learn more about this cool new tool.

Facebook Adds Admin Roles – a good explanation of the role settings and use.

5 Simple Metrics to Track Your Social Media Efforts

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Link Round Up

Time for a link dump from my browser – clearing out tabs.

2010-07-31 Strobist Shoot Toorbul 162Education

How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) – Evernote is an awesome app – We use it all the time on various android and windows platforms.

Social Marketing and Web Development

Building trust - The Connection Constant

Want to build a online store? Choosing a payment gateway

Facebook – how to convert your personal account into a Facebook Page - for all those people who created a “person” for their business page.

More how to convert Facebook profiles into business pages including tricks and traps


Configuring and adding images to Drupal 7 content with Wysiwyg, IMCE and Lightbox2 – very good tutorial


Probably the best explanation of using INDEX function for non volatile dynamic range creation in Excel

Windows 8

There will be lots coming on Windows 8 on this blog later – for now heres a very good read about how Windows 8 can pool data storage


Realities of Business is a new website by a great friend to promote his new book. Worth a read! Buy it now!


Two local photographers worth checking out.

Helen Graham

Dale Travers

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Windows To Go

Article sourced from Technet Newsletter, images from Web. Content not mine.

What You Can Do with Windows To Go
By Skand Mittal, Product Manager, Windows Client Division, Microsoft
windows8logoTechnology innovation is occurring more rapidly than we have seen in a long time; this wave of innovation is delivering new devices with new form factors. The new devices interact with software in ways that previously were not possible, which is generating excitement among users, translating into new ways of working, and completing redefining user mobility.
As organizations embrace this growing trend of consumerization, they want to empower employees to work from anywhere, anytime, whether online or offline. "Next-gen" users need the choice and flexibility to select their own devices and use them to get their business and personal stuff done. Next-gen users—whether employees biking to work or sales support consultants with multiple Windows environments for demo and training—are asking for more mobility; they don't want to carry their corporate laptops or slates everywhere. There are also users—army personnel, for example—who change their location frequently; for them, traveling light is a requirement and not a just a want. Existing mobility solutions, while effective, can be costly to provision to all users and can have connectivity requirements that are roadblocks for some organizations when it comes joining the consumerization movement.
With Windows 8, we have tried to redefine workforce mobility by introducing Windows To Go. This new feature enables enterprises to provide users with a managed corporate environment on a secure USB drive that they can operate from multiple managed or unmanaged PCs. On a standard PC, users boot from the PC's internal hard drive, log on to the Windows environment, and use provisioned physical or virtual corporate applications. Users can store the data locally on the internal hard drive, or IT can centralize it with technologies such as Folder Redirection. However, with Windows To Go, there is a new deployment model for the corporate environment: IT can provide users with a managed corporate image on a USB drive that will start up on any compatible PC (Windows 7 logo or higher). Users get their applications, data, and personalized Windows environment—the same way they would on a standard PC.

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Building Sparrow - a water cooled workhorse