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Lightning Shots

Storm season is here again with 2 storms in 2 days so far and another one forecast for tonight apparently. I managed to get a couple of shots of lightning last night. I missed most of the good spikes!. Here is the best picture I got.


More shots of the lightning storm yesterday up on flickr.

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Photo time at the park

I took a bunch of photos yesterday. We went to the park in the afternoon. These photos were all taken with the HTC Touch Diamond. After the first few photos I decided to play with the settings and see what could be done.

Here is Erin and a shot of the kite flying. Erin climbed the light pole to the top and Mercedes got on the base of it.


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Cool clouds

These cool clouds were in the sky when we got home yesterday afternoon

had to get a photo and ended up taking a few

these are stitched together to make a panoramic picture

20080805 clouds panoramic

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My Responses to the Herald Sun Articles

I have today responded to two articles written by Cheryl Critchley a columnist for the Herald Sun. I guess she has a job a little like mine sometimes – she writes for a living! I think maybe I do more typing than she does (I average about 1 million words per year).


Anyway the two articles were Is homeschooling good for kids? and the current controversy about the Bill Hensen Underage nude (art) photographs titled Are nude photos of children ever OK?


Nude photos of children answer.

Hi Cheryl

I completely agree with your comment that photos of nude children are inappropriate as forms of public art. While most families have shots of their kids naked, part naked etc they are usually as your photos of your kids are described, candid and funny reminders of times as a family where the nakedness is not the point of the photo, though often the focal point. Rather the point of these photos is the family fun and memories.