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Kiwi Party

Wow! If I lived in the Mana electorate of NZ I would vote for this guy! Renton Maclachlan gave a great speech on education recently. See it on YouTube. He is standing for the Kiwi Party.

Speech transcript on the CMI Website.

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Cheese for the President

More cheese last night.


The Mersey Valley Pickled Onion cheese has a sweet but sharp taste. You can’t eat too much of it at once. But it is VERY nice. It is crumbly but does cut well. The slices however will break very quickly if not laid onto bread or a cracker quickly.


The Apricot and Almond Fruit Cheese is a favourite of the girls. It is not so sweet that you can’t eat much, but has just the right combination of fruit and spices. It cuts very well and goes great on crackers. If I was Barack Obama I would eat some to celebrate becoming POTUS (President of the United States). Maybe if I was John McCain I would eat some and deny that I had lost!

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US Stupidity Election

I am so over it – and it hasn't even happened yet. Not that I care.

I'm going to predict some things.

  • Obama will become president – he talks better and doesn’t want to kill everybody - (or so he says)
  • He will not withdraw the troops from Iraq. Simple point in fact - he cannot.
  • There will not be a decisive military victory ever in Iraq (unless they kill everybody in Iraq (McCain’s plan)
  • The us economy is totally screwed – has been for 20 years – been hanging on by the eyeballs to an ever expanding inflationary money supply. I did predict this before the most recent “correction”.
  • US gas prices will get to over $5 a gallon – live with it – that is still about half what we are paying.
  • Racism is alive and well in the USA as is stupidity. A new president will not fix the totally screwed legal system, health system, financial system, public education system, and a whole lot of other systems that are biased against the poor, the black, the disadvantaged etc.
  • Most US citizens still wont realise that there is anything outside the 48 continental states or if they are vaguely aware of that fact still won’t be able to locate anything on a map. (I learnt to draw a rough map of the world freehand when i was a teenager and fill in most of the major countries.)

My apologies to the intelligent readers of SpyJournal – but then if you had the brains to come here most of the things above don’t apply to you.

Hurry up and vote in the screwed political system that does not equal one man one vote and let life get back to normal please.

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Lots of things to say

No time to say them.

But what the heck here I go anyway – warning rant begins!


American politics. Short thought - storm in a teacup. The two sides are so bitterly argumentative (generally) and so closely alike (generally) politically anyway that the whole thing is a bit of a joke from the outside looking on. Lets just have a little look at the major external global policies (I am not conversant with internal American politics so much).

Oil – and Iraq. They are not leaving – they are staying. Obama or McCain – ones says he wont go, the other cant no matter what he says.