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Back to Basics: Facebook

What is this Facebook ?

It's an online social network. And that is? An online social network, is an online version, of a social network. image
For example, in your life, if you go to school, you have a social network there, the group of people you socialise with are the people you are networking with socially. Same goes for at your workplaces, and anywhere that you interact with a certain group of people.  Online, there are also social networks used on web sites. You may want to socialise online with people with the same religion as you, the same interests as you, etc. And for that, there are different web sites running social networks. Such as, Facebook, Myspace, Pownce, Flickr, Bebo, and many more.

Basically Facebook is just a web page that you can have your profile on, add friends, view their pages, and more which I am about to tell you about.

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Lots of Links

Following a is a list of cool stuff I didn't have time to write individual posts about.

Random Web stuff

MyOpenID - If you don't know what OpenID is, think of it this way, one sign in authentication process for every website that supports it. Drupal 6 has it, Yahoo has it, lots of places have it - learn more about OpenID and get your own.

Tagurself - enter a feed link or a url and it generates a tag cloud for you.

TeamViewer - excellent remote desktop sharing software - and its free!

Microsoft SharedView - remote connection - sharing applications - great for training people how to do things remotely.

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Online File Storage and Sharing

MPj04223160000[1]We have been reviewing a number of online storage solutions for file sharing. So far we have looked at Eat Lime (see our review), and Windows Sky drive, and in recent days the Windows Live Office option. However We have found a varying degree of success for each of these.

Today I want to ask you to try and connect to each of my public areas and see which is the easiest to use from your perspective. I have the same file in each place. Let me know in the comments.

I have also added some commentary here on each of the main functions of the systems.


Uploading files

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Share files easily with EatLime

With EatLime, you can easily share any file, including videos, pictures, and documents with your friends and family much faster. Thre reason EatLime is so fast is that your friends are able to start downloading your shared files as soon as you start uploading them. You can send as many files as you like and the active files on the system stay as long as they're in demand. Access is from anywhere at anytime. You can even use EatLime to send files through email and IM. It also has the ability to import all your contacts from Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and you need never type your friends' full Email addresses again!