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Miranda's blog

My 11 year daughter Miranda has a blog. She has started updating it more regularly now as well. You will need to create an account on the website if you want to comment on her blog.

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Busy Day

Had a busy day today - am ready to go to Red Rooster for dinner!

  • This site is mostly finished - theres still a few small tweaks to go.
  • Worked on clients projects most of the day - have lots on the go.
  • Dealt with 2 clients websites that have issues (the clients not the websites!)
  • Finished our end of year tax reporting as well.
  • Now time to relax for the evening - away from the PC!
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Digging the garden

My dad always said there was no need to go to the gym when you had a garden you could go and dig!

Well I just finished digging the garden twice over, once to turn it over and the second time to work through all the mulch and compost I put into it.

I got away with only one blister!

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Erins Birthday

Erin's birthday was on Wednesday - she is 6 now and growing up to be a big girl.
With birthdays at our place come extra chores and a raise in pocket money. Erin's new chore is making all the shoes at the front door line up neatly in pairs!

Here's a picture of her at Sizzlers with her birthday cake.