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How Honey the Remote Executive Assistant changed Jacobs life

A Remote Executive Assistant, is an intelligent graduate that operates from a Knowledge centre in India that completes any work you send for them. You send instructions to your assistant at the end of your working day, these are processed when you are asleep. When you wake up you find all the work completed and in your inbox. Your assistant can handle all the back office work, spreadsheet analysis, Power Point presentations, and more. What a time saver!

There is a hilarous account of how AJ Jacobs, an editor for Esquire magazine, outsourced his life to the extreme. He even tried arguing with his wife remotely! I laughed out loud at his tale of how Honey, Asha, Sunder, Vivek and Mr. Naveen processed the tasks he assigned to them. Make sure you read the whole three pages. 

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False Christianity Exposed

Jesus preached Woe on the pharisees and other religious hypocrites of the day in Matthew 23.

In our day there are many who have a form of Godliness but deny the reality of it. Some of this can bee seen in their actions. There are numerous websites and emails circulating that are attempts by people calling themselves christians, some well meaning, others I believe deliberately fraudulent.

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