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Introducing Lena

Lena has been working for Jethro for one and a half years now. For the past several months she has been writing technical articles for me about stuff I find on the web. In case you were wondering who the Lena was that submits posts on this site, this is a short explanation.

How we work together is I tag web pages in delicious constantly. There is a rss feed link of the latest items on the right hand side as well as easy access to the major categories. When I want to report a specific page or the details of something we use here, I add a special tag for Lena. She then reviews those items and writes an article for me on here. She does these in bulk and queues them up for me. I can then edit them and release them at my leisure (Read - when I don't have time to write one myself!)

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Internet filtering - what a joke

Its happened. Labours new minister for the idiots - I mean Internet, has advised that they will be supporting mandatory ISP filtering - supposedly to protect children from pornography. Download their "plan for cyber safety". The plan starts of talking about the need to educate and a combined approach by parents and teachers - sounds good. How do they plan to do this? By providing a mandatory clean feed. What the heck is that?

Lachlan Heyward from the Herald Sun writes:

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said everything possible had to be done to shield children from violent and pornographic online material.

"We have always argued more needs to be done to protect children," he said.

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How to Use Google Reader with Firefox for RSS feeds


Following is the edited text from a conversation with my sister helping her set up RSS feeds for our family blogs. Maybe it will help you.


Jethro the santa (hes not real!) claus says (1:32 AM):

do u have a Gmail account?

u have blogger so I guess you do actually

go to

login there

in Firefox when you go to a website with an rss feed you can click on it and it will give you the option to add to Google reader automatically

u may need to set it up in the options in Firefox

go to tools and options

then feeds

choose the default application for reader

I use Google reader

yahoo is just as good

means they can be read anywhere - not tied to a computer

just need to login

Rufus says (1:35 AM):

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Social Networks I use and recommend

Following is a list of the social networks I participate in. Feel free to check my profiles out, add me as a friend in your network, join them etc.

Face book