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Lots of Links

Following a is a list of cool stuff I didn't have time to write individual posts about.

Random Web stuff

MyOpenID - If you don't know what OpenID is, think of it this way, one sign in authentication process for every website that supports it. Drupal 6 has it, Yahoo has it, lots of places have it - learn more about OpenID and get your own.

Tagurself - enter a feed link or a url and it generates a tag cloud for you.

TeamViewer - excellent remote desktop sharing software - and its free!

Microsoft SharedView - remote connection - sharing applications - great for training people how to do things remotely.

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Firefox extensions to keep your browsing private and secure


Firefox has several security settings you can use to keep your computer safe. There are also hundreds of extensions that you can add to give you further privacy & security. Lisa Hoover has written a great article on a few of these extensions. For example a good way to protect your computer is to prevent the browser from using JavaScript at Web sites without permission, the NoScript extension makes every site that uses JavaScript ask your permission before running it. It can render some JavaScript-heavy sites unreadable but provides a whitelist of acceptable sites that you can add to speed up your surfing experience.

At Jethro the extensions we always install on any new pc are, Plain old favourites, Session Manager, Tab Browser Preferences and Delicious.

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Microsoft Excel Hack Security Issue

Microsoft is investigating new public reports of a vulnerability in Microsoft
Office Excel 2003 Service Pack 2, Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003, Microsoft
Office Excel 2002, Microsoft Office Excel 2000, and Microsoft Excel 2004 for
Mac. At this time, our initial investigation indicates that customers who are
using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac, or who have
installed Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Service Pack 3 are not affected by this

This vulnerability cannot be exploited on Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Service
Pack 3, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Service Pack 1,
or Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac.

Full details Microsoft Security Advisory (947563)

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Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links I have found lately. My wife actually found this one and reads the health and exercise sections, food and products combined with some celeb fitness, shopping, fashion and tech.

This group of commonly branded websites targets web savvy, body conscious women. The sub headings include: Link love The insanely addictive Entertainment hourly