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The Internet, Pornograpy, Filters and Sexual Predators

There is a huge public discussion on internet pornography. Whether we realise it or not, porn is a very large (read profitable) part of the internet. Censorship is being considered and lots of organisations are calling for governments to variously protect children, filter porn, provide regulation etc.
Worthwhile organisations like the Australian Family Association have posted articles calling for an urgent mandatory filtering of pornography at a national ISP level and make statements like this Every Australian has a fundamental right to access the internet free from pornography and extreme violence.
While I completely agree with the intention behind these statements, they fall short in a number of areas.
The first area where these ideas fall down is the actual concept of censorship and responsibility.

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Firefox Running Slow?

Do you have a problem with Firefox running slow and want to make it fast without re-installation? You've tried uninstalling the extension & toolbars, deleted cookies and temporary files, cleared up the file download queue and disabled the background check for software updates and still nothing seems faster. Here's a solution that Amit has suggested:

Step 1: Start Firefox and export your bookmarks as a file on your hard-drive (we'll need them later).
Step 2: Type firefox.exe - P in the Run box of Windows.
Step 3: Click the Create Profile button without making any modifications to your existing profile (which is normally called "default")

Now when you Start Firefox in the new profile, you are very likely to be impressed with the speed.

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Miranda's blog

My 11 year daughter Miranda has a blog. She has started updating it more regularly now as well. You will need to create an account on the website if you want to comment on her blog.