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Power Pivot for Excel 2010

Disclaimer. Although I was asked to review this product and received the Black and Decker VPX tools for doing so, I was not influenced by PowerPivot or Ignite Social Media in any way. The following review is entirely my own and not influenced or edited by Power Pivot in anyway.

PowerPivot What is Power Pivot?

First of all, PowerPivot is only available to work with Office 2010, and specifically Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010. I have the Beta Office 2010 suite running on a test machine and a test user account so as to not interfere with my production environment.

In their own words:

PowerPivot for Excel is a data analysis tool that delivers unmatched computational power directly within the application users already know and love—Microsoft Excel. It’s the user-friendly way to perform data analysis using familiar Excel features you already know, such as the Office Fluent user interface, PivotTable and, PivotChart views, and slicers. It’s the fast way to generate rich and interactive analysis tools, easily mistaken for IT solutions after weeks of effort. It’s the right way to achieve deeper business insight and shorter decision cycles.

Specific features:

  • Take advantage of familiar Excel tools and features
  • Process massive amounts of data in seconds
  • Load even the largest data sets from virtually any source
  • Use powerful new analytical capabilities, such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Make the most of multi-core processors and gigabytes of memory

The following set of screenshots takes you through the installation, data connection and using the tool.

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Office 2007, 2010 and Windows 7

Power point techniques and templates from Doug Klippert:

You are not limited to a flat PowerPoint slide. You can add a 3-D look to your shows. Rolling 3D images and PowerPoint Drawing for 3D objects

Download some free PowerPoint templates

Best practices for Outlook 2007 from the Outlook Team Blog.

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Excel Links and news

There has been so much Excel and Office related info come over my desk the last couple of weeks I don't have time to do it all justice, but I will try and share it with you in an organised way as possible.

Office 2007 and earlier

Excel Create conditional drop-down lists. In Excel 2007 (and earlier), it’s possible to create a drop-down list. By using the INDIRECT function, you can then create additional drop-down lists that are conditional to the first drop-down list.

From J-Walk, run some code that runs 1 million random numbers and see how fast your computer is compared with others.

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HALF OFF Charley Kyd's Dashboard products

I am proud to be affiliated with Charley Kyd’s Excel User Dashboard products (see the little graphic on the left hand side). I can heartily recommend his excellent products.

Charley is having a HALF OFF sale as well as some other amazing benefits. Here are the details:

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