Still here

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a simple uncomplicated post, a stream of consciousness, im still here

2010-11-24 Cooking Class 026photos, children, pool filters and Christmas shopping, work, clients and responsibilities, deadlines and staff, immediacy and urgency, little time for rest, sleeping on the lounge floor where my wife couldn't wake me even after standing on me, riding with my mates - the wind and energy and creation and freedom of being out on the bike, the effort of keeping up when they go fast, the rush of speed, the burn of lactic acid, the taste of vanilla coke and a nice latte, the kiss of a 6 year old at night time, the laughing of happy children filling my ears, the fragrance of incense, the sudden splash in the fish tank as one fish attacks another

the interruptions, stress levels rising, the feeling of panic as to do lists spiral upwards

doing things for other people that makes them happy, the rush of seeing someone's world interrupted with joy because of your thoughtfulness or the words you spoke, the thanks you receive

food, necessary yet a pleasure, those who prepare it for you thoughtfully and carefully with love and tenderness

simple things

im still here


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Anonymous's picture

to be fair, i accidentally

to be fair, i accidentally stood on your hand. I thought i was stepping over a pair of shoes but your hand was in the way. It wasn't deliberate, and it was dark.

jethro's picture

lol i know it was an accident

lol i know it was an accident - the funny thing was i didnt wake at all - cactus!

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Nicely done, mate! I still

Nicely done, mate!

I still love saying "mate."