Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day in the life - Home at last

4:30 pm Went to clients - met Helen and Lena on the way. Got there early which is good so had time to do final prep. Went through all required work in time and answered all questions. Lena did well. Helen got lost after a while but it was her first look at Drupal so OK.
7PM Took the girls out for dinner then a train ride home.
8:45 Said hullo and goodnight to the older 2 girls, chatted with Jude for a bit and got back to my PC - it was missing me.
9:30 Now back in front of my PC answering email and some other jobs. Lena is working on websites - will be here for a couple of hours yet. I will get through the 20 odd emails I have to deal with tonight, work quotes, requests for information, an instructional email, deal with any issues Lena has, try and advance some of my backburner projects if I can and try not to cough too much. Should hit the sack around midnight with any luck. Will be a solid 20 hour day today. Will try and get 6 hours sleep before starting tomorrow.


Day in the life – Midafternoon

Have edited numerous documents, had several discussions with various people about content of documents, perused code and analysed validation rules.
I need a break, but not going to get one. I have sent another guy out for some water for me.
Talked to my brother Dave online briefly 0- has to leave the USA.
Back to work - more discussions.


Day in the life – Lunch

11:45 Went for a brisk walk to a local food court and ordered a Japanese Pork Curry. Sat and ate. Yum!
Walked back briskly.
12:15 Back at work writing documentation of code for a file import process. Fun!


Day in the life – work morning

Enjoying coffee (a latte with 1 sugar) while I work. Today I am working on the final touches of a system documentation project. We have been reverse engineering (from source code) a Delphi Borland school data management system. We have developed a business process flow document and numerous flowcharts, an entity relationship diagram, screen shots and explanations for fields and tables, a data dictionary, analysed code and documented validation rules and processes, identified hooks and out of the system including import and export interfaces and parameters and much more.


Day in the life – Sleep and wake

Went to bed at 2am
Woke to the alarm and snoozed from 6:30 to 6:50
Showered and dressed
7am checked email and followed up on developer who was completing work while I was asleep – all done and looking good
7:15 left for train station
7:30 catch train and listen to music while reading novel
8:15 get to clients and get changed into business slacks and shirt
8:17 straight into business process flow documentation discussions
8:45 its my turn for coffee so I get a 15 minute jaunt to the local café to collect coffees for myself and 2 others in this mini project

more to come later