Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dinner and a Movie

We just had a great dinner party with some clients, - two gents and their wives and 2 kids each – kids roughly same age as ours. We were able to share a roast lamb (2 actually) and vegies – on a “groaning board” of food and followed by cherry cheesecake. The kids then watched a movie while the adults played Carcassonne and chatted.
I had my last game of football for the year today – don’t know what I will do next year sport wise yet.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So much stuff, football, fitness and fun

I can't believe that I haven't posted on here since April 18.
I am supposed to be developing the new replacement website but as you can probably guess I haven't.

I have been flat out with fun stuff. Football and personal training are keeping the fitness improvement happening. I have my first game this weekend. The last 3 weeks I have run the boundary - that gets you covering several kms in a game! I shall probably run the same in the game on Saturday where I will be playing forward pocket off the bench for the Strathpine Swans Div 1 reserve grade.

I have also been flat out with business, our software development team is growing with 2 new staff in recent times. We are looking for Excel work to keep one guy going and web development work is always welcome.

The kids are a blast. I am making plenty of time to play board and card games with them. Its great to see them excited about playing games. New games of recent times include Carcassonne, Heroscape and Munchkins.

Jude and I have also relaxed in front of a few movies and quite a bit of some cool tv shows. We have nearly finished watching My Name is Earl Season 2, started The Unit Season 1, Heroes Season 1 and nearly finished Stargate Atlantis Season 3. Dr Who Season 3 is about to start coming online so we can get watching that also.

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