Monday, February 27, 2006

Abortion - more debate on RU486

I couldn't go past this one.
The local rag is continuing its debate - open to the community - via a blog on the RU486 "abortion pill".

Here is my latest comment:
First off I'm a man - I've fathered 6 children (two of which miscarried) with one wife.

My qualifications to comment on this subject however are not related to my virility, my lack of womanhood, or my (fanatical) religious beliefs. After all does society really respect a lukewarm (insert religion here).
And while it is my beliefs that lead me to my point of view, that, I believe, is still not relevant to this debate, and I have no need to include it.

No my qualification to comment here is on the basis of my humanity.

As a member of the human race I have a right to comment, as others do. I believe children - everywhere have a right to life. I believe woman and men have a right to choose how to look after their bodies. I believe couples have a right to choose how to reproduce.
I also beleive that as a society we have some higher ideals (call them morals if you will) imposed on us collectively.
We all agree that killing anybody is barbaric and totally inhuman. To take the life of another is not a right any human is born with.
Why the abortion of a baby human can be treated as any different to the deliberate cold blooded murder of another human, the barbaric beheading of a criminal, or less than the accidental death of a person in a traffic accident bemuses me.

In this electronic age we are subjected repeatedly to images and video footage of murders, deaths, shootings, and more, whether staged for hollywood or captured by "journos".
Maybe we are so desensitised to it that 80,000 - read it slowly - imagine each childs face as you say out loud - EIGHTY THIOUSAND CHILDREN are murdered cold bloodedly every year in Australia.

And we wonder why we haven't had rain.....
Surely the very land is crying out with the blood of the innocents!

Sorry - had to throw that one in there.
Maybe I can get flamed as badly as Merv now.

Where is the commonsense here?
I know there are always traumatic individual circumstances
I can spew forth a dozen from friends, family etc.

The principle has to be stated clearly and debated unequivocally.
Is it right - as humans - to sanction the murder of our unborn young.
Once we answer that question then the right to use RU486 - and the next wonder drug, surgical procedure etc - will quickly be measured against the principle and discarded or (God forbid) if the majority of our society agree, allowed on principle.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Circus today

Off to the circus we went after church. It was great!
Its a small family show with some Russian performers who were amazing artisans. They performed some very impressive acrobatics.
The whole family was involved, from grandparents, parents and even a grandkid. The circus owner and his wife were Hungarian and their teo kids were 9 and 7 and rode unicycles - our kids have a play date with them for this week to learn some circus tricks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Off to squash

Playing squash is really fun at the moment.
We have a mix of between 3 and 7 guys coming down to play, and they are varying levels, from representative grade to brand new.
I have been the most experienced player til recently when the rep grade guy started playing with us - he is now a challenge for me to take points from, and attempt top improve my game. It has meant that I now even more easily flog the others. A couple of weeks ago I put $100 to $1 on a game but there was never any danger of me losing it. It did get the other guy playing a bit better with a lucrative incentive.
Now I better get going or I'll miss my train and then I'll be late for squash!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


How can we stand silent?

Have your say on the local newspapers blog about the debate for RU486 being allowed here in Australia.

Heres my comment.
"broader vexed issue of pregnancy termination" = murder of innocents
also known as eugenics
here is some interesting reading

The debate is not about RU486
It is about whether or not we should allow the state to sanction chemical eugenics
That is the practice of selective population control using a chemical pregnancy termination method.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Good things

It seems as I mostly blog to whinge about my workload
Not whinge really - just that seems to be a focus
In fact this post was going to be about that.
So I decided - while I was logging in - to change that and make it a post about the good things that have happened to me recently.

My wife loves me - and valentines is gonna be great!
My baby turns 2 tomorrow - she runs to me when I get home
My 4 year old loves giving me hugs
My 7 year old loves to make things for me
My 9 year old wants to hang out with her Dad
I have a great contract at the moment and the bills are being well and truly paid
I am playing basketball and squash and enjoying them both immensely
I have had a lot of reading time while commuting (on the train) and have finished these books in the last few weeks:
Mind Siege by Tim LaHaye
The Church Beyond the Congregation by James Thwaites
Knife of Dreams - Book 11 of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
New Spring - a Prologue book in the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
Real Live by Gordon Atkinson

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cartoons of Mohammed

This website is the newspaper responsible for publishing them and has written a "We are sorry - sort of..." letter that doesn't quite apologise. Below are the cartoons published in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten. Click each image to enlarge.

Its a pity they have mostly been taken down by the main newspapers.
However bloggers will blog the cartoons and the stories.!

I am not sure quite what to think about the whole thing.
A lady at work said she wished she had a faith that strong that it could cause her to react that violently. (I think she meant that in place of the no faith she has now she wanted something!)
I responded with the thought that maybe it was because the muslims, who were involved in the riots and burning of embassies, had a faith that was so insecure that they responded that way.
In fact if their fiath was strong, surely a cartoon, no matter how vile or blasphemous would not and could not shake their faith.
Surely no religion that "encourages" this sort of mindless violent reaction to some misguided yet humerous cartooning can possibly be one of peace or security.
I don't remember that when the statue of Christ was displayed in a container of the artists urine that Catholics went out and burned any embassies.
Of course Christians understand that these symbolic representations mean nothing in eternal light, at least as long as we are not doing it.
I watched the movie tonight of the man in Africa who was raised from the dead after being dead for 3 days and the message cme loud and clear that the absolute worst sin any person can commit is to deny Christ - the unforgiveable sin.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Long Days

I miss my family.
Today so far has been 18.5 hours. I'm nearly finished.
Tomorrow is the LAN so another long day.