Sunday, September 11, 2005

The unbelievable happened

We Lost!


Ok we started well, and went 1-0 up in 5 minutes. The rest of the half we pressured and really dominated. Lots of chances were not converted.
45 minutes in we gave a penalty away just outside our goal box and it was convereted and then the half time whistle went immediately.
The second half they came out firing and it was all we could do to contain them. We had a few chances but they had a lot and ended up converting finally about 20 minutes in. With about 15 minutes left we gained a handball penlty in their goal box and converted to take it to 2-2.
Full time went and we knew we had to play extra time. 10 minutes each way Golden Goal - that is the first goal scored finishes the match. First 10 minutes we played our guts out. About 2-3 minutes into the second half the ball was brought down the sideline and the guy I was marking was able to cross it in. It ricochetted backward and forward between a couple of players before being poked forward to a player in an offside position as I raced to get him. The linesman didn't call it and from about the penalty spot he poked it past my foot and past our keeper to win them the match. I chatted with him about it later and he even admitted he was offside. Didn't matter - the game was over.
I did get a medallion for making the final...

There is always next year!

Following the match I went to the wedding of one of my best mates Tony Cooper to Renae. It was a great ceremony in a park followed by the reception at which I was MC. The wedding had a Shrek theme with the bride and groom wearing Shrek and Fiona Masks, the groomsman and best man wore donkey and puss in boots tails, one of the bridemaids wore the fairy godmather's wings and the other red riding hood's cape. The three page boys wore dark sunglasses and white tails to represent the three blind mice. Oh and the bride' father wore a red velvet cloak and a crown as the King. I took a bunch of photos (unfortunately only with the camera phone as I forgot to get the good one). I will post them later as I'm not at home tonight and this PC doesn't have bluetooth.