Friday, September 16, 2005

Response to my post about Katrina

I received qute a lot of emails about my post regarding the news coverage of New Orleans. While it seems that a lot of people have experienced the same sort of news coverage as I have there are some exceptions.

I had to post this response though - with permission and edited slightly.

Between you an me mate it's a shocker.

Yeah, I've also been reading blogs of couple of guys still online stuck in the middle of it as well which reinforce all the negative media as well. I'll put money on it that the humanitarian stories are going to be the propaganda that the US govt uses to cover up the fact that the richest country in the world who can mobilise and deploy armies to assist in other countries within hours. They couldn't even look after their OWN civilians in a time of crisis ESPECIALLY when they had already received advice that this would occur and the level of devestation that would occur if a storm of that magnitude hit.

What's especially interesting to hear is that they DID once have the funds to commence this engineering reinforcement of the region however the funds were rediverted several years ago into another oil well if you understand my drift. They cancelled funding to use the cash in the war effort.

When people asked me to donate money to this on the street the other day, I told em to politely "__ off - If the richest country in the world needs outside cash to assist it's own citizens (and the tax the govt get from said donations don't forget). How bout you just ignore the US and focus on the 3rd world countries who REALLY need the help instead..."

Funnily enough, they gave me a filthy look.. Idiots...
Only decent thing about this is that the Red Cross are probably gonna play this up an soak up as much extra cash as it can an redirect it into places that really need it outside of the US.

If the American people don't see this for what it is an wake up to themselves and pull there head in, I can only continue to hold that countries people in contempt.

*end rant and steps off soapbox & rubs raw nerve*