Monday, August 29, 2005

When Trust Breaks

I once wrote a somewhat confused article about ingetrity.
TOday I have on my heart the aching that comes from broken trust. A very good friend who should have known better has broken the trust of his wife, his friends, his church and another person. He is now facing up to the enormity of his actions, the legal, financial, friendship, family and church.
My heart aches for him and his wife who is deeply upset. My heart aches for our friendship. My heart aches for the church that is hurting, and for the young lady whose trust he broke.

Trust is a mutual thing. It is a very tenuous concept that is very hard to encapsulate with words. It is more than belief, it is less than dependence. Its that meeting ground on no mans land where a truce flag is raised. Its when two people let down all barriers and guards and allow the other to know them intimately, and to make certain promises about respecting that. When one party breaks the truce, thats when trust is broken.

He broke that truce with his wife, the other woman and his God. His heart I am sure is now breaking as are mine and theirs.

Breaking trust breaks hearts.