Friday, August 26, 2005


It seems like the only things I talk about in here is soccer and work.
Lately it seems as if that is all I do.
However I do take time to play with the kids and the wife. Mercedes is always coming down to my office to say Dadda. I often pick her up and play with her - its funny how little things amuse her. Today she had a plastic toy rolling pin. I lay down on the floor and for 5 minutes rolled it across the tiles and she would go get it and bring it back.

In the meantime I have almost all the websites back up - there's a couple of development sites we haven't done yet. I did all the clients sites first. We lost a few image thumbnails on one for about 20 images. I got the client to reload them and that was fine. I am creating a lot of lost thumbnails on the site as they were corrupted.

Now its back to it!

Oh and soccer news - we won 5-2 indoor soccer tonight and tomorrow is the first semifinal for outdoor!
Thaks for wishing me luck, but we are going to make our own luck and take it to them and win it!