Saturday, August 27, 2005

We are in the Grand Final!

We won today against the top team 4-1. We scored first after about 20 minutes of intense back and forward. There was a strong wind blowing and we elected to play against it first half. A lot of balls were kicked high and bounced long and us backs did a lot of chasing.
However with about 5 minutes to go in the first half they scored against us in a tussle with our keeper.
Both teams started the second half with a raised intensity level. However we struck first and after that their team dropped the ball a bit. We responded with each goal lifting and pushing hard. Chewy rallied the guys in the midfield with constant encouragement and all out attack. Each player added something special during the game. It was a semi final to be proud of. Nowe we get a week off while the team we beat last week (who won today) plays the team we beat today for the other spot in the grand final in 2 weeks.

It is good, our main keeper has had the last three weeks off looking after his knees and this helps him be ready for the final. Our second keeper broke his finger two weeks ago and our main striker has been playing keeper. I subbed for him towards the end of the game today. He has injured his shoulder twice in both of the last two games. Other players have niggling injuries. A week off will freshen us and we will come into the grand final in the top of our game.

This is the team of misfits that was glued together at the beginning of the year with no real chance given to us. 5 under 16s who didn't have enough to make a team asked to play in the men's league and then 4 older more experienced players like myself were fit to play. Along the way we collected a couple of extras who have been fantastic.

This morning we went to the beach for a quick swim - it was cold brrrr! I found it a good warm up for the game as I worked hard in the water for 3/4 hour. I also had no dizzy spells in the game and felt pretty fit and strong. I have had a few dizzy spells this year and have come to the conclusion through trial and error that it is a reaction to energy drinks - possibly the high sodium content.