Thursday, August 18, 2005

Telling the Truth

Last night we had a little situation here.
One of the two kids who sleep in the same room was thumping on the wall. I went into ask them to stop and they both vociferously stated that it was the other doing it. Obviously one of them was lying.
I took them to the laundry door to the outside (dark and cold) and they both continued to swear it was the other and that they didn't do it.
Taking them back to the bedroom and stopping the crying we had a discussion about lying and why it was important to tell the truth. Well they continued to both state that the other had done it and they were telling the truth. One (who has done a bit of lying lately) even went as far as to say she was telling the truth "for once".
I left eventually with the statement that there was no tv for either of them until one of them owned up and they could go to sleep now.
In the morning the one who has been telling lies came and owned up. She apologised to Jude and I and also her sister who had been wrongly accused by her.
In all I think they both learnt a lesson about telling the truth.
There is a lesson here for us adults also to see the imporatance of being truthful with our kids and spouses, business partners and associates, friends. Not only do we hurt ourseves but we can also hurt others.