Sunday, August 21, 2005

Soccer results

We won 6-1 yesterday beating 2nd place on the ladder and putting us into second place on goal average - our points were tied.
Now we have two shots at a grand final berth.
I was physically exhaisted after the game. I spent a fair amoputn of time marking a guy who was over 6 inches taller than me and a good 20 kgs lighter. I out headed him on every contest but getting my body up that high was hard work!

Indoor soccer on Friday was another matter, we went down 6-1. I think we are all struggling mentally coming off the back of the grand final loss last season.

Today we went to a christening in a Catholic church of one of the indoor team mates babies. It was good to see them taking their responsibility seriously.

I was saddened by the nature of the Catholic symbolism - its ritualism and granting of spiritual powers to inanimate objects; water, oil and candles. The statement was made that the child was now a child of God through its being baptised even though it didn't know what was happening. I have never come across the part of the Bible that says that. Even though I had heard about the praying to Mary, I hadn't reaised how fervently that was done. It is sad to see the heavy reliance on symbolism and praying to dead "saints" and Mary taking the place of a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am not denigrating the Catholics or my mates faith, rather the teaching that has sadly distorted from what the Bible says. We are not to pray to others than God, symbols should only be symbols not be granted spiritual power. Annointing with oil and making signs of the cross do nothing, they can only be symbols. And we do not be come a Christian by being baptised as an infant.

It was good to see that all the team came to support them on the occasion and I pray that as M and V raise their two children that the Bible will be relevant in their day to day lives and that they will come to the personal knowledge of the saving grace of God.