Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Its dark in here

My main gateway server crashed on Monday. A power surge damaged the UPS and two hard drives as well as the motherboard CPU and NICs. Although it would turn on we couldn't get it to boot up and the CPU was not displaying the correct speed. We configured the backup so I was online, but the main problem was that there were a number of web sites (including clients ones) still on that server. I was in the process of transferring them off. The backups were not quite as recent as the live data - it never is! We hoped we could get the data off and by putting the drives into another server were able to mount them and recover most of the websites - there was a lot of damaged sectors on the drives and some data was unrecoverable.
Yesterday I purchased a new server and it is installed and configured and running
The main problem now is that the other server I use in the States is for some reason not allowing me to write the files to its drive. The websites are ready to go but I can't get them live. The server techs are working on the problem now.

People can't see the sites ... can some one turn the lights back on?