Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Awesome news

Had some great news today.
I was chatting with a mate and the conversation turned to his family, who used to have pretty distant relationships. He said that had changed now thanks to me. I was nonplussed until he reminded me that a couple of years ago I had suggested to him that if he wanted the family culture to change then he needed to drive that change positively by deliberately saying I love you and showing affection. Well now he is very close to his sisters and mother becuase of doing this. I also have used this deliberately with my siblings and parents - who are probably reading this - to change the culture of our relationships. I believe it has worked here also.
I love you Mum and Dad, Jo, Jono, Dave, Rufus and Pris (and Frank and George and Nicki and Benji and Melanie and Johanna)
Can't leave any one out - I love you too Judith my darling, and my gorgeous daughters Miranda, Jadeen, Erin and Mercedes!