Sunday, August 28, 2005


I am so glad i put 2GB of RAM in this pc whe i bought it. I bought Golden Dragon Geil RAM also.
I am currently using 1.09Gb RAM according to my task manager - my wife reckons I do too much at once...
Currently I am:
  • recording a movie from camera 76Mb

  • Browsing 15 websites in Firefox 60 MB

  • Outlook - 47Mb

  • Working on an Excel spreadsheet - 23Mb

  • Copernic Desktop Search - 23Mb

  • 2 Explorer windows open - 19Mb

  • Trillian - instant messenger running MSN, Yahoo and ICQ clients - 15Mb

  • Playing live music from the web - 10Mb

  • Recording live music from the net - 3Mb

  • Windows search tool 8Mb

  • and a bunch more