Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Paul Borden Visited our Church

What an amazing day and what an amazing bloke. Paul Borden's passion for churches to see miracles from God is incredible. He teaches and preaches with excitement and candour.
The information provided to us at leadership level last Saturday was incredible.
Setting the right boundaries and controls on the organisational structure actually is not limiting but rather freeing. Scary yes, because of the accountability, but then we were not called to hide our talent in the ground. We are going to be accountable regardless, so we might as well give it our best shot. I note from that parable also that there was no difference accorded to the two servants who produced different results, but only to the servant who didn't produce anything.
Sunday he preached from 2 Samuel 8 particularly verses 5 and 14 where it says God gave David victory wherever he went. He credited this to Davids obedience here to commands not to rely on horses and money but on God. Militarily this was a stupid move, but spiritually it was awesome. Humanly speaking he should have been smashed in the valley of salt between the Edomites and the Arameans. God gave him victory when he risked it all on God.
Imagine what victories we would see if we were willing to obey to the point of risk like this!