Friday, December 17, 2004

Operation Auxin Sentencing has begun - but where are the real criminals?

Follow up to the major child pr0nography (deliberate spelling error) operation Auxin.
Earlier post on operation Auxin.
Link to article by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes

Sentencing has begun in this case with the first guilty plea entered on the Gold Coast.
Another guilty plea from Perth. Free registration required)
Follow up in parliament with legislation pending making it tougher on offenders.

Thats all good news, but where are the court cases of the the real offenders, those who actually sexually assualt small children in order to create this material in the first place?
Not to make light of those convicted for possesion; 265,000 pieces of pornographic material represents in my view a serious obesession, not "a journey of enlightenment and understanding of his own sexuality and human sexual relationships" as the defendant advised his legal counsel to offer as an excuse.
However in my mind the worse criminal is the perpertrator of the assualt. The damage to the kids minds and the potential inability to ever enjoy a natural sexual relationship with their spouse is appalling.