Tuesday, December 07, 2004

More details on Aspergers

This family has 6 kids. 2 have aspergers and 5 of them are autistic.
i have been working with two of them for some time now. i am regularly counseling another 16 yr old brother as well as the mentoring of the 18 yr old.

Some observations I have noticed are:
Overheightened sense of obligation, social responsibility and very sensitive to changes around them - this results in being easily upset over insignificant comments.
Extremely intelligent.
Maniuplative of others around them.
Very little understanding of how their actions and words impact on others outside of the manipulation.

How I am dealing with it.
I have ignored temper tantrums and outbursts from day 1 and treated them as a normal person.
I have not allowed them to use their disability as an excuse and instead forced them to be real with me.
I am working with the elder lad now in the areas of being organised, accountability and wisdom and discernment as he deals with issues around growing up and moving out.
I have promised them that their confidences are safe with me and will not be repeated to their parents or anyone else. I have discussed this with their parents also whom I obviously have a good relationship with.