Saturday, December 11, 2004

The countdown to Christmas has started

Actually it started some time ago - around 11 months ago. Shortly after Christmas last year the kids wanted to know when Christmas was happening again!
I guess that means they must have enjoyed it.
Excitement currently is near fever pitch. Not only is it nearly Christmas but the 5 year old Jadeen, turns 6 on boxing day. So double excitement for her.

This year we are not going away as in previous years for a number of reasons, including Judith's grandmother still critically ill in the intensive care unit of a private hospital here in Brisbane.

We are hosting a breakfast here on Christmas day for sundry relatives and friends.
The rest of the day will be pretty relaxed as per usual.
Boxing day is Jade's birthday and we have some great presents for her. I am upgrading her pushbike and the new bike is pink and pretty. She has rapidly outgrown the little bike and its time for the training wheels to go back on and set it up for the 3 year old. Jude has painted a large canvas sort of pink swirly colours with several black dolphin shapes gyrating across it. I think that will be a hit also.

The day after boxing day we are hosting our annual (second) Christmas street party. This is already looking to be bigger than last year with our whole street (6 houses) coming (I think) as well as others in the neighbouring street and the home group also. They are also inviting people so we could have upward of 30 people here.
That will also be exciting as I will invite them all to home group next year.

I have a bunch of work on over the holidays - it just doesnt seem to stop.
In between working on clients' projects I need to redevelop several websites including Jethro Management, Jethro Consultants, KROSTech and the Miller Family home page.

I also need to complete Judiths main site home page, and the new template for her several blogs including her new craft blog and a planned recipe blog.

Finally I am in the middle of redesigning our network infrastructure by installing a Small Business Server to handle internal intranet, data storage and backups and roaming profiles.

I am going to be busy!

In other news - I completed the installation of a 2hp reverse cycle airconditioner into my office so at least I can work in comfort though the summer (and winter).
Photos to come for those who wanted proof of my DIY abilities!