Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas 2004

A fanatastic day!

We started off at 3AM when the kids decided it was time to open presents. More to the point my wife started then as she made them go back to sleep as I snored blissfully.

At around 6:30 we got up and started presents. Lots of fun!
I received a leather belt from Paraguay, the Lord of the Rings Extended DVD versions parts 1 and 3 (I received part two for my birthday), a blue flashing LED pen, a scented candle, a toolbox and lots of joy from giving presents to the kids and wife.

We then had family and friends for breakfast - cooked bacon and eggs and sausages etc, waffles fruit and cereals.

Boxing day we celebrated Jadeen's birthday, the highlight was the new pushbike I gave her.

Finally yesterday we had the street party with the home group. We had all our home group plus 3 families from the street here. Total 32 people. The kids were all well behnaved (partly due to the computer LAN we had running of Insane Racing). The adults enjoyed plenty of conversation and then some music as Ken played guitar and harmonica and I dragged out the violin to fiddle away a few tunes.

Photos to be posted shortly.