Sunday, November 28, 2004

Church Governance

Well I didnt receive the 75% vote I needed to make it onto the church board.
I some ways I am disappointed as I had grand ideas of changes I wanted to make in church.
After talking to some people though I am more positive and happy that this is the result. Now I have the ability to take issues and ideas to the members directly without being shackled to a board that would restrict the ability to communicate ideas that it didn't agree with as a body.

Some of the 'radical' ideas I will continue to espouse in the church and will also discuss on here include:
Empowering members to minister in their local streets, places of business and extended families.
Reducing the "club mentality" that exists at church where people want a safe, "seeker sensitive" environment to come to. For me these words are excuses for them not actually facing the confronting message that is the gospel and ignoring the fact that their unsaved friends and family are going to hell without their direct internvention.

To this end I will continue my existing efforts to teach and mentor young people in the area of envagelism and reaching out to their friends, and continue to explore the models of sub church culture that are vehicles for these types of empowered ministries to occur within.
Complacency is the Enemy of Achievement. (I made that up!)

So for those who have come here looking for emerging church stuff and living proof christianity recently and found a paucity, sorry, but I have found myself rather unwillingly shackled by this whole process of board nomination and acceptance.

The gloves are off now. Back to examining church as its done today and why its not relevant to 90% of Australians (there is a connection there!) and what we can do different to change that.