Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Riding the CBR1100

Today was great. The sun was shining and the breeze was pleasant. I took the CBR1100 for a spin (mainly because the wife left me at home without the car) but within 100 metres from leaving the house I was happy. The crisp sound of winding the 4 cylinders up through 10,000 revs in first gear (touching just over 110 kms/hr) before clicking into second with a satisfying snick and then the awesome enging braking as I back off and slow down for the corner and the end of the street.
Today was about cornering. I focussed on getting the bike lower to the ground - of shifting my body over - of watching how far from the ground the mirrors were and just trying to be smooth about the transfer of weight and power. The bike felt awesome - it was a live thing in my hands, pliant yet savage. I hit speeds that I can't type in here in short bursts in traffic that just make the cars behind you disappear in seconds. I idled in traffic smoothly and easily, I zigzagged through cars on the highway, I wheelstanded over speed bumps and I had a blast!
Can you tell I just love riding my bike. I think I will take her for another spin tomorrow!