Wednesday, October 20, 2004

New Phone Motorola MPx200

I got my new smartphone today. Its a Motorola MPx200. It comes with Microsoft Windows CE Smartphone 2002 software, synchonises with my Outlook, and theoretically MSN messenger as well, though I haven't got that working yet.

Altogether it is a well put together software package mostly intuitive and easy to operate. It really showed up my old Siemens ME45 in terms of its ease of use when it came time to transfer contacts from one to the other.

The actual hardware is solid and sexy. It is a nice weight in the hand, opens and closes with a satisfying snick (magnets) and this even works with the pretty cool leather case on. It is a fixed clamshell; that is there is no rotation, just open and shut.
The screen is large and easy to read. The controls are not too small for my fat fingers and the 5 school girls in the train who were wagging school thought it was a cool phone.