Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Lots of things to do

Busy as a bee. Life can sometimes be real complicated.
Right now I am feeling like the cursed juggler trying to balance family life, spouse interaction, business requirements, church committments and just some personal space.
For the last 8 months I have pretty much worked non stop. I have had the odd weekend off and most days have been 14-18 hour days. In that I try and fit a minimum of 2 hours for family interaction. There have also been the odd whole day of family time. It is getting to the time of the year when my business activities and committments usually wind back. Last year we had a 5 month summer break with little to do. So far this year it doesn't look like slowing at all. While this is good for income, it is hard for time management. I am also not looking forwrd to working through the summer in this un airconditioned office! Maybe I move inside to the airconditioning and turn the office into a rumpus and TV room.
Introspective blog post I know. However its therapeutic to self analyse and contemplate things. John Strain is good at that - its his job so he ought to be!
I guess also I am thankful to my family that they are so supportive and work with me. Because most of my work is done from the hours of 9PM to about 2-3AM it leaves some time free during the day (when not seeing clients or dealing with normal daily office work) to play with them. It has been great to head off to the park lately and catch guppies. It is kind of relaxing to stand knee deep in a muddy pond feeling the slimy mud squish between your toes, and know that if a client rings I can answer the mobile and have a conversation and know they are stuck in some boring office! For those who read this - gidday from the pond! I'll get your programming completed tonight while you are asleep!
Well that's enough analysing. Back to work. Right now I am adding my blog posts to Excel Tips, Tech Tips and Blog Tips. Feel free to check them out and subscribe either by email or XML to these sites. Then its on with some client preparation for tomorrow.