Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fun Summer Days

Will someone please tell the weatherman that its still officially Spring. Not Summer. Spring.
We have been 'enjoying' scorching hot days, high humidty and sweaty nights.
Currently at midnight its 26 degrees C and 83% humidity.
Its been great for riding the CBR1100, though I must admit to not wearing the protective jacket during the day as its too sweaty to turn up to clients in.

Its also been great for the kids - we got the paddling pool out already and they are enjoying that.

There is LOTS happening. I still got a lot of work on, I am doing some work with the church financial procedural changes, am learning a lot of stuff in relation to business blogging, my three new hints and tips blogs (Excel, Blog and Tech) are already getting quite a bit of attention and its fascinating researching the articles for them. There is so much happening on the bleeding edge of internet technology right now, podcasting, community content management systems, and other stuff that will at the end of the day flow down to the average consumer as useable technology.
I am also enjoying taking up basketball again. I haven't played for 10 years. 12 years ago I was playing at A grade level - which is one level below state. Now I am playing 'geriatrics' for the over 35's. It is awesome busting some of my old moves and making them stick. I have earned some reapect already and that is quite funny cos as a youngster I had to work really hard to get it in basketball. Now I pull off a couple of hot lookaway passes or a fancy drive to the hoop or a tough rebound and they think I'm great. Yes my head is swelled!

Now if only I had an airconditioner in my office. In the meantime for the next 5 months I will work dressed only in a pair of shorts, and with a fan running almost non stop. Cold drinks a necessity.

How do you handle summer heat?