The Sensational Slushees and Power Fitness Photo Shoot

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It all started as an idea. Then again, most good things do. I was talking to Kerry, the owner of Sensational Slushees when we were building his website for him and suggested we organise a photoshoot for his slushee machines as a promotional thing, from which he could get some good photos to use for his website.

2009-08-22 Sensational Slushies Bar Shoot 076As I started thinking more about it I decided to research some ideas. Then a mate of mine Dave Reid arranged the photoshoot I did with Nelson Lai. Dave showed me this YouTube video of the Chase Bar photoshoot, from which I took some inspiration for my shoot yesterday.

So yesterday was just over a month in actual planning. I was very keen to do the entire shoot for no cost to anyone, other than their time and fuel etc. I was able to secure back to back shoots with the local tavern for the bar and the local fitness studio who are also clients of ours.

This is what I ended up arranging:

  • Photographer and coordinator – Tim Miller
  • Caterer – Judith Miller
  • Courtney Warren – Model
  • Hayley Gibson – Model
  • Tanya Herbert – Model
  • Kerry from Sensational Slushees provided the slushee machines and assisted James with backdrops
  • Glen from Narangba Valley Tavern for the function room
  • Chris from Power Fitness for the gym studio shoot
  • Rhonda from Maree-Jean Designs Bridal Wear for the beautiful dresses
  • Makeup and Hair – Dani Waugh
  • Costume jewellery by Emma Page – Bec Parry
  • Gear management and driver– James Parry

Quite an extensive amount of organisation went into that. Some little hiccups happened, One model was booked who had a car accident on the way here. Fortunately she was ok, and Tanya had rung the night before to say she could come. Hayley had her car broken into the night before and her shoes and other gear stolen. And Dani thought it was Sunday not Saturday. After we got under way about 30 minutes late we pretty much operated to the schedule I had set and actually finished at 14:30.

  • 8:00-8:30am meet at my place – makeup and dress selection try on etc
  • 9:00 slushie machine and photo equipment setup at the tavern
  • 9:30 5 minute drive to tavern – wear ordinary clothes so as to not crumple dresses
  • 9:30-12:00 shoot at tavern – hopefully finish a little before 12
  • 12:00 lunch at tavern – thanks for the food and drinks Jude
  • 12:30 head to gym – 100 metres from tavern
  • 12:45-14:00 change to gym clothes and do gym shoot
  • 14:00 return to my place for some drinks and look at photos etc

I have added small versions of the best photos here.

2009-08-22 Sensational Slushies Bar Shoot 033 2009-08-22 Sensational Slushies Bar Shoot 055 2009-08-22 Sensational Slushies Bar Shoot 068 2009-08-22 Sensational Slushies Bar Shoot 069 2009-08-22 Power Fitness Gym Shoot 0092009-08-22 Sensational Slushies Bar Shoot 074 2009-08-22 Sensational Slushies Bar Shoot 011 2009-08-22 Power Fitness Gym Shoot 072 2009-08-22 Power Fitness Gym Shoot 021 2009-08-22 Power Fitness Gym Shoot 050 2009-08-22 Power Fitness Gym Shoot 069


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Anonymous's picture

i think that this pictures

i think that this pictures would work if thet are like promoting boxing thing or somthing like that but like just to take pictures of girls its just not cool

jethro's picture

thanks - actually they were

thanks - actually they were take for a studio gym to promote boxing and fitness for women in the gym.

Anonymous's picture

Great site!

Great site!

Anonymous's picture

What a great shoot. I know I

What a great shoot. I know I want to buy. Love the photos!

jethro's picture

thansk - you can buy them

thansk - you can buy them here
Buy art

daniell's picture

That's quite some work you

That's quite some work you guys! For a first try I would say that the results are great, you can have a lot of future perspectives, I specially liked the Fitness gym shots, I have nothing to comment on those.