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What have I been doing this week?

Running a volunteer project assisting with the terrible natural disaster flooding here in Queensland Australia.

I started www.qldfloods.org website on Tuesday morning as the rains came down. I asked on some technical forums for some assistance and next thing i know its 4 days later and I'm still in my office.

The site provides a one stop hub for resources and news and a bed matching facility for displaced people staying in evacuation centres with people offering space in their homes for them.

I am estimating some 50+ hours for myself and another 100 for my staff. The other volunteers have probably put in 600 plus hours. We have been on national TV at least three times, numerous radio interviews and also on CNN.

The site now has registered nearly 700 families and close to 2000 beds available for temporary accommodation - individual Queenslanders prepared to make room in their homes for strangers to come and stay.

This is my chart of what I've have been doing thanks to RescueTime.


I wanted to shout out to the helpers and sponsors - without whom this project would not have been possible

Thousands of dollars worth of servers in a server farm provided by OntheNet - 5 servers altogether and hours of time to put it together.

A massive effort from CrossFunctional has seen most of the development work done by them.

Here's the entire list.

Project Management
Project Coordination by: Tim Miller
Drupal Development by Ryan Cross
Server Administration by Rohan Hills
Public Relations by Corrie McLeod
Social Media and Community Management by Anne Bartlett-Bragg
Magda Kostrzewa
Nicholas Perkins
Rebecca Parry
James Dellow
Boris Gordon
Jaime Schmidt
Chris Hood
Ivan Zugec
James Cartledge
Mick Liubinskas
Andy Coffeey (Graphics)
And countless more!

Various companies have sponsored staff time to develop and maintain this site - thanks to:
IT Integrity
Cross Functional
Headshift Asia Pacific
EBS Virtual Receptionist


it's been truly humbling to see a diverse group of talented and generous individuals from all over Australia pull together to make this project happen to help Queenslanders in need.